"Sand and Sun, Summer has begun"

Summer has arrived brethren, and so has the scorching heat and light to illuminate our lives again. Summertime is cognate to sand, beaches, noon barbeques, evening parties, tanning skins, and lazy noon siestas. This blazing scenario turns us into fiery baboons and so does it to our serene and cozy homes too. Keeping cool this summer is not only important for ourselves but even for our houses. Winter has departed and so have the deep dark curtains that adorn our walls and windows. It's time to go all crazy and bring in those soothing summer curtains to give your home a summer rich look and feel. Windows, doors are the vital curtain fabric arenas where you can experiment with summer colors and patterns.

Provincial Fabric House comes knocking your door this Summer with an unending list of eye-catching curtain fabric to choose from. Be creative and innovative as you transform your home decor with Fabric House online curtain fabrics.

Types of Summer Curtains

1. Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are basically made of curtain fabric that does not permit light to pass through it. When used on windows and doors in Summer, it blocks the heat as well as the light, thus keeping your inner home atmosphere cool, shady and relaxed. Always pull these curtains in place before the sunlight enters the room to maintain a cool atmosphere. Blackout curtains are also popularly known as "thermal drapes".

Blackout curtains are available in 2 varieties:

  • Roll down type (customized to your window size)

  • Liner type (used as a protective cover externally for delicate summer curtain fabric)

Benefits of blackout curtains:

  • Blocks light and heat. Perfect for sound sleep for babies and night shift employees.

  • Shuns external noises.

  • Gives a private and cosy feel to the room

  • Since it blocks heat and light. All in-house cooling appliances work efficiently. Moreover, money and energy are preserved.

2. Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are fabricated from curtain fabric that has spaces between fibers to allow the external light to pass through it. Commonly used in living rooms that have a garden facing to allow the natural sunlight to peep in. Sheers exude a calm cozy atmosphere that is best used in outdoor spaces like the play area, poolside, greenhouse, gazebo, lobby and so on. Its exquisite feature is that it comes handy in open space areas that need temporary separations. Private space can be easily set apart using sheers.

Benefits of Sheer Curtains:

  • Illuminates any room bringing in natural light

  • Light and airy

  • An elegant and rich look

  • Due to its transparent nature, it aids in having a partial view of the outside surroundings while imparting privacy at the same time.

  • Perfect to delineate spaces in open areas.

  • It can be put to drape open wardrobes.

Sheers and blackout curtains both work best in Summer. It all depends on your choice. You can use them both together to reap their benefits simultaneously. Sheers can be used as a lining for blackout curtains to protect them and you can alternate between the two as per your convenience.

Varieties of Summer Curtain Fabrics:

i. Metallic

It's the new look of the era. This curtain fabric has a futuristic appeal. Shiny, shimmery, glossy and palatial. The perfect drape for a royal house look. It comes in varied metallic hues like gold, grey, ivory, amber, and mercury. Sparkle your house with metallic curtain fabric.

ii. Environmental

Nature lovers will love this curtain fabric. Tree branches, birds, animals, flowers and scenic beauty designs adorn this curtain fabric. It gives a woodland forest-like feel.

iii. Geometric

This is the simplest, minimalist all time trending curtain fabric. Bold motifs of geometry in a recurring fashion make this curtain a symbol of elegance. Rectangular, checkered, striped, Greek key type of geometric designs are available in this series.

iv. Unconventional

For those who want to bring a twist to their home decor, this curtain fabric has all the quirks and tweaks to suit your style. It brings a fun element to the house, for example, American and Indian motifs.

v. Primitive

Pertaining to the ancient times and culture, this curtain fabric takes you to an old tribal arena. Indigenous and aboriginal art designs in bold patterns and colors make it stand out from the rest.

vi. Sheer

An all-time favourite summer curtain fabric type. Sheer curtains are light and lacy, letting the light in along with the breeze, giving you the ultimate summer aura.

Summer Curtain Fabric Checklist:

There are a few vital points to think about before zeroing in on that perfect summer curtain fabric for your home decor and window treatments:

  • Play with Sheers: Sheer curtains lend a soothing and cool freshness to the area they are put up in. Let the summer breeze coming through sheers play on your hands and feet. Summer is best with sheers.

  • Choose Pastels: Pastel colors are cognate with summer. Delicate hues bring in the light and airy vibe. It enormously illuminates a room with elegance.

  • Blackouts are necessary: Blackout curtain fabric has its benefits which we have enumerated above. It blocks heat, light, and noise. What more can you ask for a peaceful summer nap?

  • Breathable curtain fabric: Without a doubt, you need to cash in on those light breathable and absorbent curtain fabrics. Cotton and linen fabric are well-versed in this feature.

  • Use a Color wheel: Color wheel helps to find which summer curtain color matches with your walls.

Provincial Fabric House has a splendid selection in vivid colors, patterns, designs and curtain fabric type for your perfect summer home makeover. Browse curtain fabric online at Fabric House to find the perfect fit for your home.


"The Tans will fade, but the Memories will last Forever"

Curtains play a vital role in renovating your Interior. Create the dream summer look at home by investing in Provincial Fabric House Curtain Fabric to offer your guests the most Relaxing and fresh Summer Gift this season.

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