Quick Introduction to Linen Fabric

Linen fabric: Introduction

Summer has arrived; bringing with it the scorching heat, the plain blue skies, and the fiery summer winds. Are you ready to splurge in the summer waters? Have you well equipped yourself and your home to welcome summer? If not, Provincial Fabric House brings you the perfect summer fabric: Linen.

Linen is the sole summer fabric that can keep you cool, fresh and light all at the same time. Upholstery fabric has seen a new era with the incorporation of Linen fabric. It is an ultra-versatile fabric that you should stock this summer. Update your home decor and furnishings with linen fabric to gift yourself never-ending softness and freshness this summer. Create an invigorating summer ambience for your family with this favourite summer fabric from the linen summer collection. All you need to know about Linen and It's the ideal fabric for lovers of simplicity and elegance.

From flax to Linen fabric

Linen is one of the oldest textiles the world has seen. It has long been cultivated in cool and moist climates. Linen is derived from the woody core of tall flax plants. The quality of linen depends on the quality of the flax plant.

The process of making linen is very simple. The entire flax plant is pulled out at the time of harvesting. This is done to ensure the flax fiber length remains intact. The flax seeds are excluded from the plant by winnowing. Retting involves the extraction of the fiber from the woody core of the plant. The plant stock/stem is allowed to decompose in wet areas by the action of bacteria. This loosens the fibers within. The outer bark is easily removed and the inner strong flax fibers are retained for further processing. The fibers are spun into threads. They then undergo wet spinning or dry spinning depending upon their length. Upholstery fabric linen is usually derived by dry spinning. The threads are spun into yarns and sent to industries for commercial manufacturing of linen fabric products.

Properties of Linen fabric

Linen is a low thread count upholstery fabric ideal for formal lounges and study spaces. Let's divulge into the details of what makes Linen a perfect choice for summer upholstery fabric:

  • Linen imparts a classic and structured look to any upholstery it adorns. It has a classic feel and touch that can brighten up every surrounding.
  • It is soft and smooth to touch: The perfect embellishment for summer upholstery fabric. You can easily soak in and have relaxing leisure time in summer on linen fabric sofas. Moreover, linen gets softer with every wash, giving you years of soft home comfort.
  • Linen fibers are very strong and highly durable. Thus linen fabric upholstery with proper care can last a lifetime. Pilling is observed in wool overtime, linen has no such formations.
  • Dyes are very compatible with linen fabric. Linen naturally is beige or off white in color. When dyed it absorbs color satisfactorily. So you can bring in your linen upholstery in a variety of colors and hues.
  • Linen is naturally thermoregulating. So it can keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. This makes it an all-season fabric: Airy and breathable.
  • Linen is easy to care for fabric. A mild machine wash is enough to keep it clean.
  • No other fabric has the antistatic property as much as linen does. It is naturally dust- reflective and requires minimum cleaning needs. It also resists stains easily.

  • It is hypoallergenic as it is naturally derived.

  • Linen can absorb moisture effectively. Thus any smelly sweat is easily blotted up by linen. It keeps you fresh at all times.

  • Linen blends are easily available. It can be combined with either rayon, silk or cotton to give you an even supreme fabric.

  • Belgian Linen is the linen that is 100% purely harvested and processed in Belgium and is a luxurious and expensive fabric known worldwide.

  • Linen wrinkles the most. So it needs ironing before use.

Reasons why linen fabric is the summer fabric

The summers sap you of all your energy. Choose linen as your summer upholstery fabric to let it energize your summer days. These adorable and outstanding features will definitely make you desire linen. 

  • Lightweight 

    Linen comes is highly versatile. It comes in all weights. Lightweight linen is delicate and airy. An ultra-fine fabric for a perfect summer vacation. It has a light weave and thickness which enhances it to be cool to the body at all times, unlike heavy fabrics. Heavyweight fabrics trap the heat within, making you warmer than before.

  • Breathable
    The linen fabric is synthesized naturally from plants. Thus the weave is airy and allows for easy escape of heat. Air circulation is facilitated by linen fabric. So it helps keep you cool in summer. Moreover, linen has good moisture absorption capability. Any sweat or dampness is easily soaked in by linen. No worries of a smelly body odour if you have linen by your side.

  • Heat reflective
    Linen fibers are stiff and naturally synthesized. They come in a natural off white shade. White and light clothes have exceptional heat reflective property and so does linen. It has the highest heat reflective property among all fabrics.

Provincial Fabric House has created a brand new range of the finest linens for your upholstery fabric choice. Refresh your summer with designing your home as you discover unending options to choose from. We have the supreme linen, crafted with the expertise to suit all your needs.


Lean In for Linen Today!

Linen is the absolute summer choice for any hard-core fabric lover. Believe me, Linen will never disappoint you with all the summer luxe it provides. Do not resist bringing the linen fabric home as your summer upholstery fabric. It's the best decision you would ever have made.

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