Benefits of Cotton Fabrics as Bedding Materials


It's Summertime! As we all look to change our wardrobe suited for the heat, we often forget that our homes need a change too. An average person spends 6-8 hours on the bed. This is 1/3rd of a day. This means we are in contact with our bedsheets and pillows for a significant amount of time. This means it is very impactful on our health. Moreover, different seasons have different requirements.

The king of all, Cotton fabric is the most ideal choice for the season. We know the benefits of wearing cotton. Using cotton fabric for bedding is equally beneficial. Organic cotton bedding has a luxurious drape and feel. These days you can buy fabric online for all your bedding needs. Choosing a reliable fabric shop is a task to accomplish. In this blog, we talk about some key benefits and why incorporating cotton fabric in day-to-day bedding is necessary for Summer especially.


Cotton wicks away moisture way better than any other chemically saturated counterpart fabric of its i.e. synthetic fabrics. Thus cotton sheets are highly used as it absorbs moisture that is superfluous. The high quality of the cotton fabric is judged by the thread count in the fabric. The higher the thread count, the softer the fabric and more are the chances that it will wear well. The fabric with around 1000 thread count will be incredibly soft.


The cotton fabric makes for a great bedding fabric as it is hypoallergenic i.e. it prevents harmful bacteria to grow. Cotton sheets are a great choice for homes with babies and kids. The absence of harsh chemicals in the production of cotton is not prone to causing irritation or rashes to sensitive skin.

Cotton is pure natural fiber. Our body temperature changes in the night when we sleep. The natural tendency of the cotton fabric absorbs the heat and keeps you comfortable.


The durability of cotton fabric is very commendable. It is easy to clean and washing machine friendly. It can also be tumble dried at a low temperature. It has an inherent ability to withstand static and hot water. It doesn't tear easily and has a longer life-span. Cotton fabric can absorb water up to one-fifth its weight before it actually starts feeling damp.

Low Maintenance:

Cotton is a very affable fabric. Cotton fabrics do not retain odour. One of the many reasons to use it. Using cotton fabric as bedding will definitely keep your bedroom fresh. The machine wash will definitely save a lot that you spend on dry cleaning.


Every day we hear about the plight of Earth. Doing a bit for nature is ultimately for our own benefit. Using a non-synthetic fabric is one of the many ways to promote organic farming. Let's do our part and engage in using Cotton Fabric that is making a comeback!

You can buy some trendy coloured, textured and printed Cotton Fabrics online on the Provincial Fabric House website. A great way to "Beat the Heat" and Go Green this Summer season.

Happy Holidays!

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